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Must See: Abstract Art Created by 250 Orchard App Users

We overlayed 250 traces of scratches and cracks on our user’s iPhone screens. The result is a composite image of abstract art with a certain spooky graphic quality to it. We’re not art experts, but in the words of this infamous 4chan commenter whose words just sold for over $90K: “Now literally anything could be art. This post is art.”

Our app is a free tool that automatically tests your iPhone’s hardware and software and determines a fair price to sell it for, which you can do with us or by sharing an information-rich listing through your social networks. Since its launch, our app has diagnosed more than 4000 phones.

The overwhelming majority of these phones don’t have any significant scratches on their screens. How do we know? We built an interactive scratch interface into our app that allows users to trace out the scratches and damage on their screen. It adjusts screen brightness to help display any light scratches and also lets users highlight the scratches which are the deepest.

Most used phones definitely show some wear and tear — mostly scuffs on the back glass and chips along the bevel — but only about 10% of the app users have significant scratches to report.

That might be a feature of the all-or-nothing way that damage occurs: either your glass is shattered and your phone basically unusable, or your screen glass is in fairly pristine condition.

We went through our diagnostic metadata — stats about models, common damage (read: no sensitive or personal data) — and decided to overlay the screens of 250 users that reported scratches on our app. This is what it looks like:

abstract art

The photo has a certain eerie quality. It might be a product of anxiety around broken screens, or maybe it’s because it just looks like a picture drawn by the girl from The Ring. At the very least, it’s a piece of collaborate art from over 250 of Orchard app users. Heck, we might even frame it.

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