5 Ways To Keep Your Cell Phone Germ Free

Oily blotches, dirt, dust and marks on your phone are home to germs, microbes and bacteria. Get rid of them using these five simple tips.

Look at your phone once. Does it appear to have small dirt over the screen? Are there any oily blotches after the last time you used it to make a call? Do you see any lines or marks? Just like your other gadgets or furniture, your cell-phone is also prone to dirt, dust and germs. And because of its contact with unwashed hands, your skin and other surfaces, even your cell phone is prone to germs. Cell phones germs are now seen more often than ever because people tend to use these gadgets recklessly, not cleaning them for days, weeks or even months altogether. And the result is germ clad phones, which can cause bacterial infections, acne, pimple and other types of issues with your skin.

In fact, when you are playing a game using the touch-screen, you are prone to transfer microbes from phone to your body through your nails and fingers. So, make sure that you use these five tips to keep your cell phone free from germs and microbes-

Use a Phone Case

Using a phone case will not just prevent cell phone germs from spreading, it will also reduce the chances of your phone damaging. Cell phone cases are designed for either sides of the phone, protecting back as well as the screen from scratches. At the same time, they prevent the entry of dirt, dust and germs on the phone’s surface. But despite having a phone case, you should focus on a regular cleaning routine to wipe away those germs of the surface.

Open the phone

For cleaning your phone, start by switching its display off and taking the case apart. Then, take out a wipe and start rubbing it on the screen, at the backside of the phone to remove dirt, dust and microbes or infectious bacteria.

Erase Fingerprints

Regular cloths or tissue papers can remove the visible dirt, but they can lead to scratches on the screen and even result in blotchy or patches on the screen. So, if you want to erase fingerprints and keep your screen clean and crisp, avoid using cloths or tissue paper. In fact, there are several, special types of Cell phones germs wipes available in the market. These wipes are soft and don’t scratch the screen. At the same time, they don’t transfer germs or bacteria to different places on the phone and instead kill them.

Clean the sides

Special cell-phone wipes are soft enough to clean the sides as well. For the same, you can use these sanitizing wipes on the USB and charging ports or the speaker and other slots, cleaning slowly. Use in circular direction to wipe it off completely.

Use often

One of the best ways to get rid of Cell phones germs is to use a wipe often. Most wipes designed for cell-phones are like regular wipes, with scented fragrance and slightly moist action. But they differ from usual wipes in the sense that they are sanitizing. So, use them often, once, twice a week depending upon your cell-phone. To avoid wastage, you can use the same wipe for other gadgets like laptops and television screens as well.

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