iPhone 5 photos

22 Amazing iPhone 5 Photos

Looking through some of the strongest photography talent on Instagram, it’s hard to imagine any of these shots being possible on the cell phones of yesteryear. In our professional (yet unverified) opinion, an iPhone camera with a lens covered in a mixture of dust and vaseline can still take a better quality photo than a Motorola Razr could in its prime.

If you’re interested in reproducing some of the jaw-dropping beauty that the photographically-inclined capture every day, the iPhone 5S should definitely be on your wishlist (if you don’t have it already). But the nice thing about Apple quality is that having the latest/greatest model isn’t necessary if you’re into capturing the beauty and wonder you see around you.

We recently came across a post of 22 of the most incredible iPhone 5 photos, which perfectly exemplifies how even an older generation iPhone can still bust out some lump-in-the-back-of-your-throat-they’re-so-seriously-good photos. Check out some of our favourites below.

iPhone 5 photosiPhone 5 photos iPhone 5 photos

You can see 19 more photos here.

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